Malaga to Ibiza – Wakeboarding and fun in the Sun

Our next leg was from Malaga to Ibizia.

We welcomed our two new crew members, Josh and Alice .
Josh’s main concern was our red wine supply. I resisted his pressure to pull into every port to replenish.

Our twenty four hour journey involved smashing up wind into big waves with wind speeds of 25-30knots.This phase ended dramatically as a loud explosion indicated that the block holding the jib had given way.

At this point, much to Josh’s delight, I decided to pull into a port called Almerimar. A lovely city with skiable mountains behind a much used backdrop for Hollywood Westerns.

Josh indulged his shopping fetish, which also includes towels. They will not go amiss, should he decide to leave his collection with the boat.

Another long haul of 48hrs and we reached Ibiza. Josh, decided that the safest place for us was a super tanker highway with super tankers flying back and forth each side of us. He is right, it is safe but not the kind of place, I normally choose to sail.

After more hard up wind sailing we had no wind so motored for around 12hrs. This was the time to try wakeboarding behind the yacht. Josh had asked if I wanted anything from Aus and I had somewhat unreasonably asked for my wakeboard. Being such a great and kind friend, he obliged even though he was thinking more along the lines of Tim Tams or Aussiemite.

Much to our delight wakeboarding with the rope attached to a halyard from the top of the mast under engine at 8.5kts worked. I think this may be a world first for wakeboarding behind a Hanse 445. We are now waiting for the right pressure to try it out on a broad reach at 10kts.

Ibiza is a beautiful island but the night life at the big clubs is not for me. It is interesting to see how some people party there. They think nothing of spending 60 euros on entry, 18 euros on a bourbon and coke and 10 euros for a small bottle of water to be smashed against people, while you dance and go deaf.

We are staying in San Antonio which is not the nicest place, English people gone mad, like a constant schoolies with all its ugliness.

A day of relief from Ibiza involved sailing to a nice beach. Alice took charge of the boat on the way back and sailed us up wind gaining on a Jeanneau 45 and pointing probably 15 degrees higher them. Very pleasing!

Wazza is now on the boat and Alice and Diego have left.

We plan to sail to Fromentera, Palma and then Valencia, where we will be volunteering the boat to help out with the round the island race, mini 650 sailors in Valencia.

Video Post Card by Josh Thomas

From Malaga to Ibiza. Posted by Nick Black on 9/15/2012 (47 items)

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