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  1. brian says:

    Hi Nick,
    are those the Photos of what is coming on the boat with you or what you wish was.
    cheers pegleg

  2. drjames says:

    Nick, great site, will watch your crossing with interest. Good luck especially with the English Channel!..

    (from Radar course)

    • Capt'n Nick says:

      Thanks James!

      I’ll keep you posted on how the English channels goes.



      • drjames says:

        Nick, I see you are over there now no doubt enjoying the preparation. Wow what excitement you must be feeling. I am just back from the Gold Coast and it was great, what you must be feeling no doubt words cant describe. Anyway good luck on the first leg, I will watch your progress with interest and remember to listen closely to what the clouds are telling you. Simply ENJOY! PS: dont forget to stow the beer!

  3. peterhopkins says:

    Hey Nick, sorry I didn’t make your farewell drinks. My broken arm didn’t help. With your sat com put it somewhere on a targa as when it corrodes the fittings data and power you don’t want to have to get into a Bosuns to fix it. I did Jessica Watsons Sailor 250 with an extra strap to keep it in place on the targa. She had 4-5 knock downs and it survived. Keep up the adventure. PeteH

    • Capt'n Nick says:

      Hi Pete, I hope your arm makes a speedy recorvery. Thank you very much for the info. I have had already had it installed on the spreader but its very interesting you say that about the knock downs as my father just rang me worried about where it is placed. He is worried that if we loose the mast we will loose the satcomm as well (which is correct). Because of this I have decided to also get an iridium sat phone just incase we loose the mast. Its a good point about the corrosion as well I didn’t think about that but guess I’ll just have to use the bosuns chair. Cheers Pete.

  4. drjames says:

    Nick, looks like you are having a ball and not long to go now until the ARC starts and you set sail to cross the Atlantic. Good luck. Photos are great and must say you and the boys seem to attract your fair share of beautiful women! Anyway you are missing nothing back in Australia so make sure you soak every minute of this up. We are three weeks off our trip to NZ and while it pales into insignificance compared to yours we are all looking forward to clearing customs in Sydney Harbour and setting a 090T course! Cant wait. Anyway good luck with the coming weeks and preparing Charm Offensive and all teh best with your first Atlantic crossing!! Regards James

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