Crossing the Atlantic in less than 24hrs

Charm Offensive and her crew are doing the last minute tweaks and final checks before we depart to cross the Atlantic.

Some of the tweaks and statistics include:
* 700 litres of water
* 280 litres of Diesel
* 60 eggs
* Fruit for 20 days for 4 people
* 12kg of meat
* Main Preventer
* New Kicker
* Bob stay installation
* New sheets
* New grounding for the HF radio
* Far 40 reaching Genoa
* Second Jib
* Anti chaff everywhere
* All the safety gear
* Strops on sails

If you would like to track Charm Offensive and the fleet, the link is:

And here is an article on Charm Offensive and AussieMite my sponsor:

Next update to be done in Saint Lucia. Hopefully in less than 19 days!



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