23rd January 2013 – Prince Rupert Bay, Domenica

Prince Rupert bay is a beautifully protected bay on the North western side of Dominica; we anchored here, found some ducting for the air conditioner, gained another crew member, went to a reggae party, and almost lost Nick Cowdrill in the dinghy.


Like any normal anchorage, we put 5 times the anchor chain out, swam on the anchor and then went ashore in search of some ducting to extend the air outflow of our newly purchased air conditioner. After almost a day of searching and walking back and forth we found an air-conditioning store on this sparsely populated island. Dominica has a population of 40,000 people and it is one of the smallest countries we have visited on this trip. We purchased the ducting went back to the boat and fund that it was a bit small but with modification from Roland and I we made it fit. Then we celebrated by watching a movie in the newly air-conditioned cabin.


That afternoon Chris Bennet a mate from Sydney came and joined the 4 of us and the five of us went out on the town (beach) to a reggae party. We had a great time drinking a little too much for the most of us and way too much for Nick C. Nick C decided to stay a bit later as he made some new friends. He dropped us back at the boat and took the dinghy a shore. After a bit more drinking he got back in the dinghy to find that the engine wouldn’t start. He started rowing out to what he thought was Charm Offensive but turned out to be another white yacht. He then rowed around in a stooper, back and forth, up and down till after 1hr of rowing he looked at the stars put his hands up in the air and mouthed off profanities before looking to his left and realising that Charm Offensive was right next to him. I won’t be putting Nick C in charge of navigation across the pacific.

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