20th February 2013 – Cartagena, Colombia

Crocodile, Turtle, history, beautiful women, and the dentist were just some of the components that made our Colombian experience so memorable.

Javier got all excited about the price of the dentist and went on a motorbike ride for 2hrs to the best and most well priced dentist in all of Cartagena. He returned with new teeth, some crocodile and the story of eating turtle at the local markets. We were less than impressed with the turtle but very excited about the crocodile. Having met some nice Colombian girls the night before, we invited them over for Sushi and crocodile. It was a fun filled night with a sushi rolling competition won by Javier and lost by Nick C who thought size mattered when it came to sushi rolls. Turns out they just fall apart.

We completed our tourist duties in Cartagena and went on a tour of all the local forts and statues of well known poets. Supposedly Cartagena is known for its writers.

We waved Roland farewell in Cartagena and picked up two Irish back packers for some extra cash on the trip from Cartagena to the San Blas islands and Panama.

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