27th February 2013 – San Blas, Panama

What is the latest Irish invention? potatoes, Javier the baby killer and what an amazing place were just some of the conversations we had whilst in the San Blas.

The Irish backpackers, Naomi and Colum were excellent; we had fun witty conversation mainly centred around the Irish Australian rivalries. Naomi having back packed for the last few months felt at home on the boat and got to work, baking, making Irish potato meals and cleaning, we also worked hard by encouraging her with positive comments like great work, wow the boat has never been this clean, this tastes amazing and if you work a little harder you may get crew of the week. Luckily with our positive encouragement the work continued.

Javier took to the spear gun like a pig to mud, we couldn’t get the thing back from him, he would spear all day, coming back with fresh lobster, fresh crab and fish smaller than your hand. We were not impressed by the small fish and named him the “Baby Killer” but ate them none the less. We even swapped some surplus fish for a bottle of rum with a local yacht.

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